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Swept Away 4-6 - Jane!fic

Swept Away 4-5 - Jane!fic

Swept Away Chapter Four

“You know,” Brian mused idly, cutting out a chunk of coconut, “If you ever lost all your money, you could make a real go as a whore. You’re very good at it.”

Justin’s head jerked around, and he stared at the other man, opened his mouth to respond hotly, but then closed his lips tight on whatever it might have been. He looked away.

“Hey!” Brian barked.

Reluctantly, Justin looked back. He saw Brian extending the chunk of coconut to him, and he shook his head.

“Come on, don’t be a twat. You earned it.”

“How are you measuring? One blow job gets two fish and half a coconut? What do I get for a rim job?”

Brian almost laughed, but bit back his amusement. The kid was actually funny. Who knew? “Now, now,” he chided. “A bad attitude will get you nowhere.”

“Not a bad attitude. Trying to be a good business man, just like dear old dad. First step is to know the value of your assets. So, how much is my ass’s value?” He stared cooly back at Brian.

“I don’t need your ass,” Brian snapped. “I need you to start pulling your weight.” Shit, why did he feel suddenly backed in a corner?

“You don’t need it but you want it,” Justin replied. He took the chunk of food Brian offered, popped it in his mouth, and stared moodily at the fire.

Later, when the fire had died down and the cooler night air had set in, Brian shivered slightly, before feeling a warm body settle against his back, Justin curling his hips around Brian’s backside, pressing his thighs and chest to Brian’s legs and back. Brian turned his head slightly, but Justin’s nose was pressed into his back, and he didn’t look up. Brian sighed, and turned back, admitting to himself that this was definitely more comfortable than the night before. “I’m not completely useless,” Justin’s muffled voice came to him. His arm slipped across Brian’s waist, and his hand settled on his stomach.

“Can I come with you?” Justin asked him the next morning. Brian had woken to the banging of Justin’s attempt to break open breakfast… with reasonable success, only spilling most of the juice. Still, he’d gotten the thing open. Damn. Brian was starting to actually enjoy reeling the kid in with bait.

“Where we going?” Brian asked, sitting up and eating some of the white meat Justin handed to him. On a leaf. Cut up. He bit back a laugh.

“I figured you’d want to go get more fish. I saw you head out around the island’s premonitory, and then come back that way. So? Can I come?”

“You can come,” Brian answered, raking his gaze down Justin’s body.

Justin looked away.

“Are you blushing?” Brian laughed.

“It’s the sun,” Justin replied. “No sun block.”

“Ah, of course. Funny how it only took three seconds to burn your skin.”

“Ha ha.”

Justin sat back against a rock and watched Brian standing, motionless, over the pool, holding a spear drawn back. He had taken his shirt off, and the muscles of his back stretched, corded. He was an absolutely beautiful man; Justin didn’t wonder he’d been drawn to him, even with his shitty attitude, on Ethan’s yacht. Even there, he’d had intense fantasies about his dick and Brian’s lips. Yeah, Brian had been right about that one, even when he was screwing Ethan. Ethan… Mr. Gold had not been pleased with Justin’s obvious thing for Brian. And it had been pretty stupid to play that game, but… Justin sighed, and rubbed his eyes, making himself stop thinking about that guy. The yacht, that whole life seemed very far away, suddenly. Here, right now, in front of him, was this absolutely fucking beautiful man. Who had no slight gut, no disgusting soul patch… he was shaving, huh. Wonder if he’ll actually let me have a razor, Justin thought, rubbing the ridiculous wispy beard that was coming in across his jaw.

And who thinks I’m a waste of oxygen, Justin thought, and sighed again. And who just might be right.

Brian’s arm flashed suddenly downward, the spear piercing the water, as Brian lithely jumped down one rock to retrieve it, bringing the dying, wriggling fish on the end over to where Justin sat, at the foot of the a small pool that held seven other fish corpses. He shook the eighth off. “It’s amazing I was able to snare anything, with you heaving those huge sighs back here. Anyone tell you, patience is a virtue?”

“Good catch,” Justin said, ignoring that last reprimand. Was the man capable of ever saying anything nice?

“You don’t need to add flattery to your many vices, puppy.” Brian looked off into the distance.

Justin gritted his teeth. “Why can’t you just take a compliment?” He had long since stopped trying to tell Brian his name was Justin.

Brian looked down at him, raised an eyebrow. “Because you’re trying to weasel your way into my good graces? So I’ll let you off from doing anything?”

Brian’s pelvis was practically right in front of Justin’s face; he itched to put out his hand and touch the thigh, to see if it was really as hard as the rest of him looked. You’d think he’d know, after last night. But he hadn’t exactly had a chance to explore that incredible body. Again, he ignored that last comment from the other man. He was well practiced at turning a cool face on another’s contempt. Lord knew, he’d spent his teenage years, half his life, doing just that. Of course, Brian’s disdain for him was not exactly unwarranted. He’d definitely been behaving… okay, out of control on the yacht. But he had reason. At least, he told himself that, especially since having Brian’s contempt for him shoved in his face. Literally. Probably a defense mechanism; his behavior really had been... he turned his thoughts away, and back to the more interesting matter at hand.

“Aren’t you hot? I mean, in those jeans?”

Brian laughed at him. “You trying to get me out of them?”

“Maybe.” Well shit, he was being honest. And he’d never hidden his desires, never denied who he was. Shit, wasn’t that what had gotten him into his current position? Not that this particular view was as bad as it had been a week ago, he thought, watching the bulge in Brian’s jeans, licking his lips. Still, Justin wasn’t going to change for anybody, wasn’t going to lie about who he was, wouldn’t apologize. Not for that. Not for anybody. No matter how much trouble it had gotten him into. He was who he was. Fuck the world if it kicked his ass for it.

He looked up, and was unprepared for the look that had come over Brian’s face, the intense engagement with the view in front of him, the tongue snaking out to caress his lower lip. Justin wondered if Brian was aware he was licking himself that way. It was totally hot. Brian’s eyes seemed to hone in on his face and pierce him, before they glazed into indifference. It was strange; Justin could see him willing himself to feign lack of interest, could practically hear the command in Brian’s head that ordered himself to stop showing Justin his desire. Ah, well, he could change that. He reached out, then, and touched Brian’s leg. Yup. Hard. And the muscle jumped. Well, well. Then moved his hand to the jeans zipper.

Brian stared down at the blonde head as Justin’s eyes dropped from watching his face, to watching his dick harden underneath the denim. Fuck. Did he want this kid… Shit. He had planned to have this kid’s mouth on him at some point that day, but he definitely did not want him taking control so easily. Brian backed off, raised an eyebrow. “I don’t think so. Maybe later. If you can control yourself.” He added a smirk to underscore exactly who was in control here, and watched the consternation wash over Justin’s face. Yup. Just as he suspected. The little shit’s trying to gain control, the only way he knew how. Wasn’t going to happen.

Justin watched Brian cross his arms, watched the gate close over the brief glimpse beneath that hard façade, and groaned to himself. Well, he’d fucked up, pushing the man, hadn’t he? But he could hardly resist, wanting to see if his dick was as perfect as the rest of him. Justin had toyed with art up to this point, his small efforts not too bad for an amateur. Brian’s body appealed to his aesthetic sense, so sue him if he wanted a closer look. His father had told him, his impulsiveness would get him into trouble. He could hear his voice now, “You need to discipline yourself, you weak…” Every fiber in his body rebelled against that, always had.

Nope, nope, nope. He wasn’t going to think about that, he told himself, but he felt the old, familiar anger and frustration boil up.

And spilled into his reaction now. “Fine,” he replied, getting up with a pout. “Fish away. I’m gonna go explore a little ways inland.”

“Yeah, you do that,” Brian answered, turning back to his perch.

Justin sighed again. And then he turned, and fought his way into the undergrowth, intent on tracing the base of the volcanic rise.

When he returned to the fishing spot, it was getting dark, and Brian had left. Justin looked down the beach, content to walk back alone. The ocean was dark, but sparkled with the moonlight on its surface.

Brian had built up the fire, and was poking at it with a stick, when Justin came into the warm light. He saw the fish lined up, with only a couple left to be cooked.

Justin came closer, and threw down a cluster of what looked like banana. Brian raised his eyebrows. “I think they’re plantains, actually,” Justin said. “And I think I saw mangoes, but couldn’t reach them.” He sat down in the firelight. “See. Not useless.”

Brian didn’t say anything, just speared the last of the fish flesh for cooking. Obviously, that comment had bugged the kid. Who’d have thought? Not him. He figured Justin would just ignore it, and continue bossing him around until he was put in his place. Brian watched Justin out of the corner of his eye, uneasily. He had this kid pegged, though; obviously, no fool, Justin was changing his tactics.

“Unpeel one for me,” Brian commanded, testing to see where this was going.

Justin wrinkled his brow. “I’m sorry I wasn’t here to help with the fish…”

“Lot of use you are with that,” Brian muttered.

Justin ignored this, “…but I think you can peel your own banana.”

“Maybe I want you to help me with my… banana,” Brian replied, smirking.

Justin gritted his teeth. “Look, you obviously don’t like me. Fine. But can you please stop toying with me? Can we maybe talk about working together here?”

“Sure,” Brian replied, still not looking at him. “Here’s how we work together. I’m in charge. You do what I say. Now peel me your banana.”

Justin jumped up. “That’s not what I meant! I mean, work together, like negotiate a truce or something. Not this Neanderthal ‘me lead, you suck my dick’ shit. Does that make you feel like more of a man?”

“I don’t know,” Brian shot back. “Did it make you feel like more of a man when you were playing the same game with me on your little boat?”

Oh, well, shit, Justin thought, sitting back down, slumping a bit. Then he straightened his spine . “Okay, you’re right, I’m sorry for acting like such an asshole. Happy now? Can we get past this?”



“No,” Brian repeated, his voice cool, “…because I know you’re just sucking up to me now to make your own life as easy as possible. As soon as we get back to the real world, you’ll turn right back into the demanding little shit you actually are. The only reason you’re not being a demanding little shit now is that you see it’s not working. So you’re trying a different tactic to get me to do whatever you want. Ain’t gonna work, puppy. So, for now, yeah, it’s ‘Me lead, you suck my dick.’ Got a problem with that?”

There was no talking to this guy. Justin turned his face to the fire sullenly. Brian set aside the cooked fish, and took his shirt off. Justin turned back, eyeing him warily. Brian leaned back on his elbows, sprawled out. “Come here,” Brian said, practically purring at him. “Bring me… your banana.”

“Banana for fish?” Justin asked, almost laughing. Shit! This guy was unbelievable! He was ready to kill him one moment, that imperious bullshit speech that was practically tailored to raising his hackles, and now he had him choking back giggles at that awful, terrible pun. Besides the fact that the man practically oozed sex and power in those sleek muscles he had bared, knowing, he had to know! how that would work on Justin’s libido. Well of course he knew, Justin thought, irritated that it was working. And irritated that his irritation did not stop the snaking coil of desire from unfurling deep in his guts.

“Come here,” Brian repeated, holding up his stick o’ fish, waving its scent in Justin’s direction.

Justin broke off a plantain, and peeled it. He waved it in the air. “Deal?”

“Come here.”

Justin moved closer, until he was at Brian’s side. He held the fruit forward, watching as Brian’s mouth engulfed the tip, and he broke off a piece, closing his eyes. “Well?” Justin asked. “How is it?”

“You already had some, you tell me,” Brian returned around chews. He tore off a chunk of fish and held it out for Justin to suck off his fingers, before eating some himself.

“Starchy and sweet?”

“That’s it.”

They ate in silence, and then Brian threw away the empty stick, and reached out, placing his hand at the back of Justin’s neck, drawing him forward, touching his lips against the younger man’s. Justin groaned at the contact, better than he’d imagined. His tongue swept out, over Brian’s, unable to resist, tasting the leftovers of their dinner, as well as heady taste of the man pressing into him. Brian pulled back, studied his face with hooded eyes. “So? Suck my dick.”

Justin had a brief feeling that he ought to try to negotiate before handing Brian any more power over him, but he didn’t care at the moment, he didn’t want to think, he just reached down to help bare the rest of that magnificent body in front of him, as Brian crushed their mouths together again.

Chapter Five

Justin woke up the next morning, his head tucked between Brian’s shoulder and his neck, his left hand on the other man’s stomach that rose and fell with his sleeping breath. He shifted his head back slightly, and allowed his gaze to linger on the high cheekbones, the straight nose, those unbelievable lips, so amazing… his hand flexed slightly, to feel the hardness of the muscles at Brian’s waistline. Justin’s dick twitched. So far, he’d been jerked off plenty, but nothing else… and jerked around a lot. That just wasn’t fair. None of this was fair. It wasn’t like he’d planned to get stranded. And maybe he shouldn’t have insisted on going after Ethan that morning, what? A week ago now? But he’d been drinking, for fuck’s sake. Brian had only himself to blame for not just saying no. Or even just sending him off with someone else.

But, damn, if there was anyone to get stranded on a desert island with…

“Looked enough yet? Gonna do something more useful?”

Then again, maybe not. “You think a good morning might work better?” Justin returned dryly. Geez, this guy even woke up snarking at him.

Brian opened his eyes. “You want to take care of my dick?”



“No.” He sat up, turned his back, looked around. Great, sun again. They were lying in the shade, thank god. He already had a slight burn on his exposed skin, and hoped he got used to this real soon.

Justin heard a snicker behind him. And then felt shoulders and chest bear down against his back, his head pressed forward, as the lips he had just been admiring began to caress the tender skin of his neck just below his ear. “But you will,” Brian whispered in his ear, his entire tone gone soft.

“Jesus, don’t you ever get enough?” Justin moaned as Brian’s right hand crept around his hip to cup his balls.

“Never enough. And not yet. Let’s see, I have a good month to catch up on your bullshit. And you might think of it this way, at least you’re getting off in this arrangement. See how generous I am.”

“Only hand jobs. I can do that myself!” Justin bit back, pissed, even as he squirmed under the palm that rubbed upward, pushing the material of his pants against his hard shaft.

Brian abruptly pushed off him, so Justin sprawled prone. He then stood up in one fluid move, towering over the smaller body. “What, you want me to suck you off?”

“It’s fair!” Justin yelled, louder than he wanted, hating that angry sound of frustration. But fuck, he was horny.

“Haven’t earned it,” Brian returned, smirking down at him.

“You got to be kidding! I got your damn wood, I even brought you fruit, and…” Justin clamped his mouth shut.


The blue eyes narrowed to slits. “If I tell you, will you blow me?”

Brian almost laughed. The kid wanted to negotiate. That took balls. Had to admire that, and the bluff wasn’t bad. Too bad he was trying to outwit Brian. Couldn’t be done. “What, you make something up to get a blow job out of me? And then what? Lord your power over me after producing nothing?”

Justin gritted his teeth. “Fine. Fuck yourself.”

Brian dropped down, pushing Justin back, trapping him on the ground with his hands on either side of his hips, chest pressing into his thighs.

Justin glared at him. “Yeah, I got it. You’re stronger than me. Bully for you.”

But Brian was leaning his head down, nosing his shirt up to nuzzle the skin at Justin’s belly button, moving lower, and Justin’s breath caught. The man’s teeth caught at the waistline of Justin’s trousers, shifted the material before releasing it, then moved lower to press his lips against the tip of Justin’s rock-hard dick, which strained for release. Justin moaned, low in his throat.

Brian shifted his head to rub his cheek along the lower part of Justin’s hard-on. “I could make you howl,” he murmured. “But you need to be housetrained…” And he got up, standing, stretching. Justin saw that he was hard, watched as Brian winced and shifted his dick.

Well, well. Justin reached down, pushed his own pants down to his thighs, grabbed himself. “I told you, I can jerk myself off.” Nothing wrong with a morning jerk-off. He rubbed the bit of pre-cum across the head of his dick, started to thrust into his palm. He watched Brian’s gaze drawn and held for a long moment, before the other man turned abruptly away, his contemptuous look replaced by something very different. Justin would have laughed, but he was too busy cumming.

Brian was cursing the kid as he turned away. How the fuck did he do that, take control so easily? Brian heard the rapid panting yield to harsh groans, and stifled an echoing rumble in his own chest, trying to calm his own breathing, suddenly visioning those lips wrapped around his dick, visions of the night before rising unbidden in his memory.

Maybe he was taking a bad approach. When he had pressed his mouth against the hardness filling rapidly under his lips, he hadn’t wanted to move away, had wanted to stop teaching a lesson, and just indulge himself. Frustrated and angry for such uncertain feelings, for feeling anything at all, Brian moved to the fire.

Which had gone out.

“Fuck!” he almost yelled.

“What now?” Justin sighed, sitting up and adjusting himself, moving to the last of the plantains. Well, shit, gonna have to go scavenging. Again.

“The fire went out.”

“So? We have more matches, right?”

“WE don’t have shit! I have eleven matches. I have! I, me, and now we’re about to have ten!”

Justin bit his tongue on pointing out that Brian, in mid-rant, forgot to use “I.” “What, you think this is my fault?”

Brian pinched the bridge of his nose. “Look, fighting me isn’t helping. At all.”

“Like I’m the one who’s…”

“Yes, you’re the one who’s…”

“What, should I prostrate myself before you then? Suck your dick on command? I apologized for being an asshole to you on the yacht, what else can I do?!”

Make up for kicking me when I was down, Brian thought, glaring at him, make up for making me feel completely helpless just for your amusement. Make up for allowing yourself, with all your privileges, to develop a character that was spoiled and rotting, from years of having it easy, taking it easy, and being easy. Make up for having nothing better to do with your energy than toy with those not in a position to protest. Brian hated bullies. And his own bullying of Justin on this island, that was just giving the kid a taste of his own medicine. So that was different. “You can do what I say until I’m satisfied.”

Justin sighed, and looked away. He had a feeling Brian and satisfaction had been strangers for a long, long time. After taking a moment to collect himself, he looked back. “Can’t we just call a truce? Try to get along, to work together or something? And then suck each other off to seal the deal?” The smile was real, and Brian felt it make him want to soften. Or harden. Or…whatever the fuck.

But then he looked up into the twinkle of those blue eyes. Games, he thought. It was all games. He knew those, too well. “No,” he answered, looking away.

“You really are an asshole, you know that?”

“So I’ve been told.”


Brian looked back, startled. “What?”

“Why are you such an asshole? You get your heart broken before coming on board, taking off to forget your troubles?” He saw Brian’s eyes narrow, and realized he’d hit a nerve. “Holy shit, did you really…”

“Drop it,” Brian ground out.

“Hey, you can’t take your pain out on me because someone else was a dick to you!”

“You don’t know shit!” Brian put his hand to his head, running it through the hair that, Justin realized, was suddenly whipping about. Justin looked over his shoulder, at the thunderheads rising over the incline in the island. “Uh oh…”

“This sucks.”

Justin was shaking; he was surprised he even heard Brian’s voice above the howling wind. Talk about understatements; this more than sucked. This wasn’t just a storm; it was the most violent storm he had ever been in.

At first, they had retreated underneath the propped up boat, Brian handing Justin one of the rain ponchos that had come in the emergency kit. “Orange is not my color,” Justin had quipped, earning a raised eyebrow from Brian. Orange was definitely Brian’s color. Of course it was. He wondered if the man looked bad in anything.

Well, that had been when he had still been able to joke. The boat had provided no shelter at all for rain being blown in sideways; they were both soaked and miserable in minutes of its onset. And then stuff started falling. The leaves and razor-sharp grasses from god alone knew where were bad enough, but then there was the sand. And then, as Justin buried his face against Brian’s shoulder, a harsh crash into the top of the boat, and the stick that propped it up knocked abruptly off kilter, and Brian’s harsh “Fuck!” as the boat came down.

“Holy shit, are you okay?” Justin looked up, as Brian held the boat up with his left arm.

“Besides wrenching my shoulder catching this thing… Fuck! Yeah, I’m fine. Okay, here’s what we’re going to do. Lie down.”

“Are you sure you’re in the mood for that now? I personally prefer a more romantic setting…”

Brian looked over, almost laughing when he caught a glimpse of the teasing twist of Justin’s mouth, despite this really shitty situation, despite the rain and all this crap, the kid still managed to dredge up a sense of humor. That is, until the next thing crashed onto the top of the wood over their heads. Then Justin started violently, and hurried to lay back on the flattened and wet grass and sand. No more jokes.

Brian lay down himself, and lowered the boat over them, closing them in darkness, except for the gloom coming up from where the edges of the boat didn’t meet the ground. Justin managed to roll onto his side, and pulled off the poncho and stuffed it toward the top of the boat, following Brian’s lead. Not exactly a need for that thing now; it was muggy and uncomfortable enough. After a while of listening to the wind howl, the rain pound into the boat, and every once in a while a solid “thunk,” Justin said nervously, “I suppose those trees’ll stay where they are? Not crash down, turning this thing into a thousand splinters?”

“Has anyone tell you you’re the soul of positive thinking?”

“That’s a redundant question, isn’t it?”

No answer to that. More minutes passed. “So, you didn’t answer my question.”

“What question is that?” Brian returned.

“So who broke your heart?”

Brian’s answer was basically a growl.

“Let me guess,” Justin continued, undaunted. “Hm… well, he’d have to be a bottom, because there’s no way you’re not in the dominant position. Let’s see, started out as a casual fuck. You probably ran into him in nightclubs… maybe, oh, I got it, you sailed into his port every so often!”

Brian couldn’t stop a disbelieving huff of laughter at that one. “Sailed into his port? Are you kidding?”

“Well, sure, bet you have a guy in every one, but this guy was different, and it was probably New York, since it’s gotta be somewhere you probably hang around enough to get used to his face and even start to like it. Then, after a while, you realized, true love, and when you at last worked up the nerve to let go of your insane control issues and actually use the ‘L’ word, he answered that he was just a garden-variety slut, and you, of course, were worthy of far better ass than his…”


“I imagine this was in Chelsea, when you weren’t hanging out on the docks waiting for your next ship to sail…”


“And of course he was right, because you were waiting for the ass that is absolute perfection that you had to be stranded on a desert island with…”


The yell stopped him. “Jesus, pop my eardrums.”

“Would you shut up?”

“Uh, well, I tend to babble when I’m nervous. And I’m fucking terrified right now. I mean, those trees didn’t look too solid to me. So, unless you have a better subject for me…”

“The trees… you’ve got to be kidding. You think this is the first storm they’ve been in?”



“Oh…” Unfortunately, at that moment, another something crashed into the side of the boat with a huge crack, effectively bouncing the frame off the ground for an inch or so. Justin jumped himself, as much as he could with four inches of headroom. He turned his face into Brian’s shoulder. “Bet he was a red head, red heads are just plain wicked…”

Brian sighed. Unless he wanted to be subject to Justin’s fairy-tale fantasy of Brian’s mythical magical fuck buddy, he decided to broach a subject that he’d been thinking of since this storm started. “Okay, look. Obviously, fighting hasn’t gotten us anywhere but in this stupid boat with you shaking like a leaf. We’re going to have to start working together so this isn’t repeated.”

“I could have told you that.”

“Are you going to start up another argument?”

Justin shook his head.

“Fine. Look. I know I can be a bit domineering…”

Justin snorted.

Brian ignored that. “…but it’s only because you are obviously at a total loss in a survival situation. I’m usually more level-headed, but frankly you piss me off.”

“You don’t do too bad a job of finessing me when you want to,” Justin stated.

Brian chuckled. Justin had no idea how good at finessing he was in his usual life. “Anyway, this is making it fairly clear we need to stop yelling at each other and organize some shelter. Store up some supplies. Find a place to build some kind of signal fire, in case any sort of ship or plane actually passes by. If we had planned in advance, we might have been able to find some, fuck, I don’t know, gourds or something to collect water from this rain. I’d love some water instead of that coconut crap.”

“Actually, I don’t think that last part’s gonna be necessary.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well…” Justin looked uncomfortable for a moment. Then he shook his head, as if clearing his thoughts. “Actually, that’s what I was trying to negotiate for a blow job. The information I mean. There’s a pool of fresh water, I think it’s from run-off from the higher ground, there’s a wearing down in the side of this rock face on the other side of the island. Or maybe it’s a spring. But it’s fresh. I found it when you were fishing. The plantains were growing around it.”

Brian pulled back and looked at him.

“I was going to tell you! It’s just that you were acting like such an asshole…”

“And you liked the idea that you had control over something important.”

Justin bit his lip. “I know. Stupid.”

“Look, we can’t afford to do that to each other anymore. I understand. You haven’t exactly been brought up to exercise judgment in this sort of situation…”

“Were you?” Justin shot back, frowning.

“Have you ever even gone camping?”

“Does the Four Seasons count?”

Brian twisted his lips. “I rest my case. No room service here, puppy.” That last was not said snidely. Far from it.

Justin’s eyes ran over Brian’s features, and licked his lower lip. “So? You want me to continue with the story of your life? Or can you come up with some way to distract me?”

“Turn the other direction.” The husky voice was barely heard over the storm that continued to rage without.


“We just negotiated a truce of sorts, didn’t we? So, I liked how you proposed sealing a deal earlier.” Justin heard the zipper on Brian’s jeans being pulled down. He didn’t move right away, though; instead, Justin reached out with his hand and stroked Brian’s cheek. Brian watched the other man as he leaned forward and kissed him. When Justin pulled back, he was smiling, and Brian felt something in his stomach that wasn’t lust alone. Then Justin moved, pulling his shirt off and wiggling around. Amazing how limber he was, how quickly he managed to negotiate the small space. Brian found himself confronted with a smooth, tight belly. He rested his hand on Justin’s hip, and drew the fabric down. Justin’s ample cock rose up in front of him, and Brian smirked, before reaching out with his tongue to lick the sensitive area on its underside, just beneath the head. Justin moaned, and Brian felt the rumble against his skin as Justin rested his head on Brian’s groin, just taking in the sensation as Brian’s lips wrapped around his dick for the first time.

Well, thank god this worked out, Brian thought. He’d been dying to do this for days. Okay, weeks. And then Justin was reciprocating, and thinking time was over.

Chapter Six

They stood on the beach, looking at the branches and coconuts littered about. Looked pretty much the same as when they showed up.

“Think these storms are common?” Justin asked.

“Seems that way. Okay, want to show me that pool?”

“Really? At this time of day?” It was late afternoon; the sun, just coming out from the swiftly retreating cloud line at the edge of the storm front, was moving down the sky.

Brian glanced over at the smaller man, who was putting his shirt back on.

“Mm hm. We might as well think about setting up over that way. You said there’s a rock face, right? We’ll want to look around there, see if we can set up a shelter using the wall as a stable location, instead of this.”

“What about rock slides?” Seeing Brian’s look, he laughed a bit. “I’m sorry, I’m being negative again, aren’t I?”

“Yeah, well,” Brian answered, moving to the boat, and gesturing to Justin to follow. He lifted the boat up and told him, “Grab the ponchos and the emergency kit there, would you?” Justin ducked under the boat while Brian held the boat with his left hand, just using the right to balance it.

Justin saw him wince as he lowered the boat upon Justin’s retrieval of the material. “You okay?”

“I strained my right shoulder catching the boat when it collapsed. I’m fine. As to your negative thinking,” he continued, as he took the ponchos from Justin and began folding them, “I have a feeling that forecasting worst case scenarios is going to be a good idea. You have quite an imagination…” Brian chuckled, thinking of the magical mystery fuck story. “So you be the ideas man, play around with the possibilities of ‘what if’, and I’ll come up with assessing your ideas, working the logistics of addressing the potential problem or situation, whatever it might be. Sound good?”

“I do have quite the imagination,” Justin agreed. “I can come up with some really fun distractions, too.” Brian’s plan sounded good to him. But he sounded more like a business man working a meeting, less like a sailor type. He had begun to wonder where Brian was from; the more he talked to the man, the more he wondered.

Brian smirked, leaned over, and caught Justin’s lips in his own, teasing his lower lip until Justin sighed and reached out with his own tongue, licking the sensitive corner of Brian’s mouth.

Reluctantly, Brian pulled back. “We better go.”

“What about the boat?”

“I don’t think it’s going anywhere.”

“You think we don’t need it as shelter? Maybe we should stay here for now?”

“I’m willing to gamble that’s it for the rain for now. So we can probably sleep on the beach over there. Body heat should work tonight, unless you have objections?” At Justin’s vehement shake of the head and sly grin, Brian continued, “And I’d really like a drink of water.”

“Okay.” Justin began to walk down the beach.

Brian caught up to him in three quick strides, reaching for the box Justin was carrying.

“I can carry it,” Justin said, taking it away from Brian’s hand. “You can carry the rain gear. Both my shoulders are working, you know.”

Brian paused and Justin continued walking. Instinctively, Brian resisted the idea of letting someone else do the bulk of the work, even if it was only carrying something. Then he rolled his eyes, at himself more than anything else. He walked quickly to catch up, reaching out again, but this time catching Justin’s ass against his open palm with an audible smack.

“Ow!” But Justin was laughing. “Let me guess, you’ve been dying to do that for days.”


“Bet it’s gonna be a lot more fun for you to pull down my pants, put your hands on my naked ass, and mark that oh so tender skin, when I’m actually enjoying it. Especially if you kiss it better after,” Justin teased.

“Oh, hell, puppy, you can’t say things like that ‘til we get where we’re going, or I’m gonna throw you down right here.”

Justin almost paused, but groaned, forcing himself to continue walking. “Then we better shut up, because I can’t walk too good with a hard-on.”

“Are you capable of not talking?”

“Sure. But talking dirty’s much more fun.”

Brian couldn’t argue that.

Brian woke up before Justin the next morning, and stared at the young man’s sleeping features. After more than a week without any parties, and no booze or drugs, the purplish circles had receded from beneath Justin’s eyes, and his face had lost a fatigue that Brian hadn’t realized had even been there, until he could compare then to now. Oh, to be young and able to hide anything beneath that elastic skin, he thought. Elastic, and resilient. Ten days or so, now, beginning with the near fast as they floated on the ocean, and then a diet of fish and fruit had added a glow to Justin’s skin, and with the light labor and extra rest, his already lean form was shedding the slight party puffiness, so that his muscles were taking on a sleakness beneath the translucent skin, not quite as pale as a week ago. The sun had penetrated the white of his clothes, turning him lightly bronzed. The slight burn on his neck and face had faded to a healthy glow. He really was beyond fucking beautiful. Brian reached out his hand and stroked Justin’s jawline, its smoothness; he’d given him one of the straight razors the night before, but ended up shaving Justin himself after Justin had practically opened up his own jugular. “Hey, I’m used to electric…” Justin had explained, as Brian swam over to take the razor, and tilt Justin’s head back. He was probably used to soap, too. Without the aide of any slippery agents, though, it took extra care to result in that smooth flesh as the fuzz fell away. Much better. He looked so much younger, but fuck... Brian hadn’t even tried to resist kneeling down in the water, pulling Justin against him. The desire to do this, to put his mouth, his lips on this other person was becoming overwhelming. This was not good. Pretty fucking irresistible, but not too good. Well, hell, they had a truce, right? And it wasn’t as if he had a reputation to keep up on a desert island. He’d worry about the fact that this wasn’t bothering him more some other time. For now…

For now he just enjoyed swallowing the young man’s dick, having his served in turn. Enjoyed getting blown as he kneeled at the edge of the pool, then leaned back and floated away with the water holding him up, his body feeling incredibly light, incredibly content.

Some pool. The rain had filled in the grotto, and the trickle Justin had described had turned into a veritable waterfall. The water was clear and cold, absolute heaven. Brian hadn’t even realized how thirsty he was until he put his lips to its surface, drinking in the water as the last of the sun’s rays reflected off its wide surface, sparkling in the foam at the foot of the run-off coming down the rock face that announced the beginning of the rise in the island.

Yeah, he liked the truce a lot better than fighting. They hadn’t really talked a lot, just explored each others’ bodies, all night, as if they had been only waiting for a mutual agreement to be able to do so. That was fine, as far as Brian was concerned. Finally, falling asleep, exhausted, at the side of the pool, wrapped around each other, warding off the wind the storm had left in its wake, the slight chill from the water they had been immersed in.

Brian wondered what time it was; mid-morning, judging by the sun. He felt no urgency to disentangle himself. Instead, he leaned forward, kissing the small cut at Justin’s jaw line. Good thing they had antibiotics in the emergency kit. God alone knew what an infection might lead to. The kid couldn’t even handle a straight razor. Well, that was probably a good thing, Brian thought. Justin had a pretty big temper, who knows what he might be tempted to do with a blade if Brian pissed him off too much. Besides, shaving him had been… fuck, erotic. Remembering the way Justin had held himself absolutely still, as Brian pressed the razor over the major veins in his neck, the utter trust this required, the way Justin’s life was totally in his hands at that moment… and the way Justin had been unable to stop his prick from rising to complete attention as Brian pressed himself against it even as the rest of his body remained immobile… Brian moved down Justin’s body in the morning light, his own cock filling with the memory. He bit lightly on a shoulder, moved to a nipple, his hands moving to squeeze that incredible ass.

Justin was awake, his eyes closed, his breathing increasing. “Jesus, Brian…” He pressed himself up against Brian’s leg. Brian pulled him closer, their dicks rubbing up against each other. His hands shifted, and his middle fingers met within the center of Justin’s back side, pressing lightly but insistently into his hole. Justin moaned as he felt himself invaded, Brian’s fingers moving into him further, and he pushed back, letting Brian fuck him, adding another finger.

Fuck, he was tight. Fuck, fuck, fuck, Brian thought, why did I start this? It’s making me want…

“Fuck me, Brian… Fuck… me…” Justin was panting, his leg thrown over Brian’s hip, his dick thrusting up against his stomach. Brian opened his eyes to see the slack look of mindless lust on the face before him. Mindless, can never be mindless when it comes to this. Gently, he reminded him, “No condoms… can’t.” And continued to manipulate his fingers within Justin’s ass, his palm cupping the cheek as his fingers delved within, his other hand moving to hold Justin’s penis, giving it a receptacle to thrust up against.

“Don’t care…” Justin panted. “Don’t care, fuck me raw…”

Well. That broke the haze of lust that Brian had been moving within. “Are you crazy?” he barked out, stopping everything, his hands gone still. He pulled back and stared into Justin’s eyes, which had snapped open. They stared at each other.

“You really think I’d risk that?” Brian continued, making sure Justin had heard him.

Justin hesitated for a minute, unsure how to respond. Well, shit, yeah, he’d meant it. Obviously a mistake. Now that he was thinking about it. No, it wasn’t too smart, but he didn’t think Brian… which meant… “You think I’m diseased?” Justin asked him. He pulled all the way back, not caring now that Brian’s hands had moved off of him totally, that the other man was sitting up and staring at him with an incredulous look on his face.


“You do. Just a dirty little slut, that’s how you see me, isn’t it?”


But Justin wasn’t listening. “I didn’t… I don’t… Oh, fuck it, fuck this.” He turned and moved quickly and purposefully, still naked, long strides taking him, practically running away.

Brian practically growled. Little fucking... did he think he'd go after him? Brian Kinney did not chase anyone. Of course, Justin was pretty upset, and god knew the kid had almost killed himself with a razor the night before. And they did have the truce. And it was a desert island, did he want to lose the only blow job in town? Okay, so it was the best blow job he could remember in any town he'd been in, for a while. Still.

Yeah, still. The kid had been pretty upset, and had jumped to some mighty conclusions. And he was more than a little inept, god knew he might drown himself by accident. And they did have that truce, they had agreed they couldn't afford to play a game with each other based on whatever bullshit had gone on in their own lives. Not if they planned to make their existence here at all comfortable, to say nothing of survivable. Okay, Brian thought, this truce is going to be harder than I thought. He sighed, and lifted himself up to follow Justin's retreat.

He found Justin on the beach just down from the fishing spot, staring out at the huge waves crashing into the surf, leftovers of the storm’s fury from the day before. Justin had wrapped his arms around his legs and rested his chin on his knees. Brian sat down next to him, careful not to touch him. After a few minutes, when Justin made no move to get up and run away again, Brian said, “It has nothing to do with you, with your being dirty. I don’t know anything about you. But the same goes for you with me. You don’t know where I’ve been either. I’m not just thinking of myself.”

Justin turned his head, so his cheek lay against his knees, and he looked sideways at the other man. “Yeah, I know. It’s just…” he hesitated, and Brian waited. He turned his head away, not wanting to see Brian’s reaction when he said this, forcing it out anyway. “What I was doing on the yacht, it *was* pretty fucking dirty.”

“Did you bareback with Ethan?”

“No, never had to. I’ve never wanted to fuck and not had a condom right there. It wasn’t even a question. That’s not what I meant.” He hesitated again, and Brian vowed not to interrupt him this time, since this seemed hard enough for the kid without Brian’s questions getting in the way. “It’s just… I’d been drunk for a couple of weeks when you came on board in New York. So what I was doing… I wasn’t really thinking about it. Really didn’t want to think about it. On that yacht, that was pretty fucking easy.”

Uppers, downers, narcotics, sedatives, alcohol… Brian knew what he was talking about, but kept his mouth shut. Lord knew, before taking off to sea himself, he’d had no small binge of his own. Seeing other people indulging like that, without the excuse Brian had had, though, made him realize how unattractive, and stupid, it really was. So he was hardly in a position to judge, although maybe he had been, a little, and maybe it hadn’t been just the idiocy of those he had been watching from across deck he'd been judging. Maybe it had been his own as well.

Justin continued, “The thing is, I’d been in a really big fight with my father right before hooking up with Ethan. I didn’t much even like that guy, but he’d been after me, and he offered an excuse to get the fuck away from New York…”

Brian bit his lip, but Justin had turned back and saw the look on Brian’s face, even managed a small laugh. “Yeah, I know, you hated Ethan. You hated me more, though.”

“That’s not true.” He couldn’t not respond to that. Justin had frustrated him more, yeah, definitely, but part of that was due to desire. Hated? No. Ethan, everything that man was, had really repulsed Brian. Justin never had. Not repulsed. More like, inspired self-disgust that he, Brian, could want a young man so obviously spoiled, careless, wasted, seemingly without redeeming value. Seeming. That was the word, wasn’t it? As he had just pointed out to Justin, they didn’t really know each other at all.

“Yeah, it is true,” Justin insisted. “But I can’t blame you. I’d gone with Ethan more to piss my father off than because I liked the guy.”

“Oh, you seemed to like him well enough,” Brian said, lightly, but there was a tone beneath that that Justin picked up on.

“You’ve never fucked anyone you didn’t like much?” He saw the answer in Brian’s frown, the way he looked away. “Doesn’t matter,” Justin continued, “it didn’t make it right of me to act that way, to use one asshole to piss off another. Maybe Ethan really did like me, though I certainly did my best to prove he had no reason to. And it isn’t much of an excuse that the drinking and drugs only allowed me not to think about what an idiot I was being. No excuse. I was using him. Fucking the brains out of some guy only to piss off somebody else. Playing the slut my father thinks me. Take that daddy.”

“Your dad doesn’t approve of your being gay, huh?”

Justin’s snort was answer enough. “That’s bad enough. The fact that I’m completely incompetent to take over his business, I think that’s worse. It’s all about the companies for my dad. I’m not a worthy successor, I’m not even close to what he wants in a son…”

That last was spoken softly, but the pain behind the words was more than clear. Brian reached out, finally, put his hand on Justin’s shoulder, then cupped his elbow, pulling him out of the tight ball he had wrapped himself into. “You’re not dirty, Justin.”

Justin bit his lips together, to stop any more words from coming out, to keep the emotion that had come too close to the surface in. Fuck, no wonder he had drugged out since that last, awful fight with his father… feeling this, this hurt more than he imagined it would. And to do this in front of Brian, of all people… well, fuck. He wasn’t even going to be left with his dignity.

“I don’t think you’re dirty…” Brian continued, pulling him next to him.

“How would you know? You don’t know me.”

“I’m starting to. I know that you can act like a spoiled brat. And I know that you delight in driving men crazy…”

“Yeah, I’m a fucking asshole tease. Got nothing to do but play the sex card. What else is there? Oh, yeah. The drinking and drugs.”

Brian leaned back on the sand, pulled Justin against him, and rubbed his back, soothing the incredibly tense muscles there. “Nah, you just want to use your body to play at power, because you feel like nothing in your life is actually under your control.”

Justin raised himself on one arm, and looked down into Brian’s face. “Are you a psychologist in real life? I mean, I get you’re not really a deck hand. You aren’t, are you?”

Brian chuckled, glad to feel Justin relaxing against him. “Nah, I just took some courses in college. Maybe you can take the time you have now to figure out what you want to actually do with your life. Maybe you can go to school after we get off this place. You can set your goals on catching up with my obviously superior intelligence.” He was only half teasing, hoping Justin would actually consider his words, start thinking about his life in more constructive terms. He obviously had issues. Such an attractive guy… seemed a shame to waste himself.

“Superior intelligence… I have a feeling I’m a match in the ego department, even if I am a stupid shit.” If he was kidding, Brian didn’t hear it.

“I don’t know,” Brian said lightly, his hand moving to Justin’s hip, shifting them both onto their sides, facing each other, moving back into the position they had only recently abandoned. Wanting, needing to finish what they had started. “You did demonstrate superior intelligence when you readily agreed to our little truce. Obviously, you know what’s in your best interests…” Brian’s licked at his jawline, up to his ear, bit the lobe lightly, receiving a gasp in response, an immediate increase in Justin’s breathing. Okay, Brian thought, MUCH better.

“Yeah, well,” Justin answered, placing his hands around Brian’s neck, moving his leg over Brian’s hip and shifting their bodies closer, “If I get off track, you can point out the way back.”

Oh, hell, Brian thought, when did I become guide to a life here? But he didn’t let the idea bother him, he didn’t allow himself to consider that the small glow in his midsection had anything to do with anything but the lithe body pressing against his, the taut muscles flexing against his hand as he found Justin’s lips with his own, his tongue moving out to meet Justin’s eager return. Justin’s leg over his body spread his backside to Brian’s questing fingers, which moved back to the position they had so unwillingly abandoned less than a half an hour before, and Brian sank into his own state of non-thinking, and into the beautiful body surrendering to him.

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