Negation Chapter 14


I received an interesting message in my inbox today, and since I desperately need a work break, I decided to respond in full. Thank you, asmithereens, for the thoughtful request.

I originally revised Chapter 14 of Negation because the original version had an in-depth scene with Justin, having just successful filed a lawsuit regarding his bashing, pushing Brian to let him top. Or maybe not "pushing." It struck me back in 2006 as insensitive, first, to present a final sex scene that was so explicit in a rape fic - and second, an explicit scene in which Brian would "let" Justin top though he was clearly uncomfortable with the idea seemed all kinds of problematic.

asmithereens's request to read the original, however, had me dig up the original which amazingly has survived on a flashdrive. And now that I have a LOT more perspective on these characters than I did in 2006, on a re-read, I thought maybe the original scene is not necessarily so very inappropriate. For one, Justin can be insensitive and selfish, and he's coming off a personal issue that leaves him feeling at once empowered and vulnerable. And Brian has something to prove.

So I'm reposting the original scene here - completely unedited from May 2006 - and I'm going to link this post back to the edited version for a variorum of sorts. To be honest, I didn't even re-read the original before posting it, just sort of skimmed the sex scene for the relevant parts to make sure it wasn't outright offensive - I don't think it is. If anyone is still reading this journal, and feels inspired to comment on the original v. edited scene, the issues I've mentioned or anything at all I've missed, please feel free to let me know what you think.

I hope you all remain well and happy in your lives all these years later, whether in or out of the QAF fandom!

Negation, Chapter 14, original: (the story in full starts here:

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I have returned! for the slightly less than vaunted reason of pimping myself, as I wrote two fics this year.

For this holiday season, I wrote a Christmas crack!fic - B/J are elves! Yes, yes, even Brian, but he would want me to mention that there is NOTHING ELFIN about his bits. In fact, Justin mentioned something about "abomicock" (okay that was Brian's term but it's Justin's fault for bringing it up. So to speak). Starts here, links through:

I, Brian, Elf

I also wrote a fic way back in January, in case anyone missed it who'd be interested, post 513, Justin gets swallowed up in NYC, and returns to find Brian with a guy he maybe sort a fucks more than once:

Homecoming, post-513

Did I pimp this here? I can't remember and I'm far too lazy to look.

The fics link through subsequent chapters. So! Thank you for humoring my shameless self-indulgence.

*has sentimental impulse*

Happy holidays, everyone!

New Fic

For anyone who's still interested, I wrote new B/J fic, "Homecoming" for the "Worlds Apart" B/J challenge at neverenough_bj.

I will be posting links at that comm, under the name "Lady_Jane". It's a post-513, with a "Brian/other" warning, in four parts, with an epilogue.

Hope everyone I haven't spoken to in a while is doing well.

Let's honor our country

I think everyone should watch this scathing commentary on the Scooter scandal, which I want to thank suzvoy for posting.

Personally, I think impeachment would go a long way to honoring the birth of our independence, by freeing ourselves from King George, all over again. Kind of like renewing the wedding vows. Renewing our pledge to the spirit of independence and the rights of man. (And women! Ol' Thomas Paine wasn't much of a feminist!)

Random reading stuff

Okay. *deep breath*

Went to the library and got out David McCullough's Pulitzer-prize winning "John Adams," and Jill Lepore's "New York Burning" about a 1741 slave revolt conspiracy/trial thingamabobee in NYC (we're living in a generation of insanely phenomenal historians).

I also got Harry Potter and the Half-Blooded Prince, which I have yet to read. Although, after my recent brush with a memorable Draco/Snape porn fic and the fact that with the last HP book, I was up until 5am reading - I'm kinda feeling like I'm about to tempt the fiery pits of hell... or, maybe, just the HP fandom; but from what I understand, that's kind of the same thing.

One final thing: Draco/Snape=OTP!!!!11!!